How to Reinstall iPod Software

By Bennett Gavrish

You can reinstall the iPod software through iTunes.
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Apple Corp. periodically releases updates to its iPod operating system software. You install these updates through the iTunes application. If certain features of your iPod do not function properly, the problem may be caused by a software issue. Reinstalling the iPod software is the easiest way to resolve the issue. Restoring an iPod's operating system removes all existing data and files, so make backup copies of your music and video files before proceeding.

Open the iTunes application on your Mac or PC computer.

Connect your iPod player to your computer via an iPod USB cable.

Highlight the name of your iPod in the "devices" section.

Go to the "summary" tab at the top of the window and click on the "restore" button.

Choose the second restore option, which will be labeled as "use same version." This will ensure that iTunes installs the same software onto the iPod.

Leave your iPod plugged into your computer during the re-installation process. When the process finishes, iTunes will "recognize" the iPod, enabling you to transfer data and files.