How to Reinstall Internet Explorer on Windows XP

by Gregory Hamel

Internet Explorer (IE) is the browser program created by Microsoft Corporation, and comes preloaded with every Windows operating system. Microsoft has been criticized for bundling their software and operating system, yet Internet Explorer remains one of the most popular and user friendly web browsers. If you decided to uninstall Internet Explorer in favor of another browser and discover that you prefer Explorer, it can be reinstalled and is free to download.

Search for Internet Explorer on the Microsoft website.

Download Internet Explorer---Microsoft offers free downloads. Users are being steered towards IE version 7.0 while version 8.0 is available in a beta version. Software providers recommend upgrading to the latest version when it has been optimized and all the bugs are worked out.

Run the "Auto Installer" by double clicking for an automatic installation---menus guide you thorough the installation process.

Set Internet Explorer as the default browser, if desired. This allows Explorer to open whenever you click a hypertext link, or a program requires access the Internet. This setting can also be changed by clicking on the "Tools" menu, choosing "Internet Options", then "Programs" where the first option allows you to make IE your default browser (Note: you can switch to a different default browser in an alternative browser's Internet options or equivalent menu.)


  • check Websites run better on certain web browsers. Even if using a different browser, like Firefox, it is useful to have Internet Explorer or browsers such as Google Chrome or Safari as back ups.

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