How to Reinstall ePower Management on an Acer Aspire

By Robert Kingsley

Some Acer Aspire laptops come with the ePower Management application, which provides users with better control over their laptops' power profiles and settings. If you've uninstalled this application, or restored your computer, you'll need to download the installation files from the Acer support page. You'll need to know your Aspire's model number in order to get to the Downloads page. You can easily obtain this number with a quick command line query.

Get Model Number

Click "Start" from your Windows desktop and type "CMD" in the search bar. Click "CMD.exe" from the list of results. This will launch a Command Prompt.

Type "wmic csproduct get name" and click "Enter." Windows may need to install software before the Command Prompt returns your model number.

Write down the number that is returned as you will need it for later use on the support site.

Download and Install ePower Management

Launch a Web browser and visit Click "Driver Downloads." A product selection window will open.

Click "Notebook," click "Aspire" and then select your model number from the list. This will load the software specific to your computer.

Select the "Applications" tab and scroll down the list until you find "Acer ePower Management Application." Click "Download." Save the file to your desktop.

Right-click the downloaded file and click "Extract All." Browse to your desktop and click "Extract." Windows will extract the contents of the download ZIP archive to your desktop in a folder called "ePower_Acer_V###.exe."

Double-click the extracted folder and double click the executable file contained within it. Respond to the on-screen prompts to complete the installation.