How to Reinstall DVD Driver Now

by Stephen Lilley

If you want to reinstall the driver for your computer's DVD-ROM drive or DVD burner, uninstall the one that currently is set up through the Device Manager. The Device Manager manages all of your computer's drivers and gives you the ability to disable, enable and uninstall drivers at will. Because your drive will still be connected to your computer, Windows will recognize that there is a piece of hardware with no driver and will reinstall the driver immediately.


Click "Start."


Click "Control Panel."


Click the "Device Manager" program icon. The program window will expand.


Right-click on the icon for the DVD driver you want to reinstall. Click "Properties." Click the "Driver" tab and then the "Uninstall" button. This will uninstall the driver. Close the Device Manager window.


Click "Start" and then "Restart." Your computer will now reboot. When it boots back up, Windows will recognize that no driver is installed for the DVD drive that is attached to your computer. It will then reinstall its driver automatically.

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