How to Reinstall Century Gothic

By Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Century Gothic is a font available with Microsoft Windows and originally published by Monotype Imaging. If you accidentally delete Century Gothic, you can easily download and reinstall it onto your system through a straightforward process.

If you did not delete the font, you can simply re-install it without downloading it again. Click on the computer's start menu and type "Century Gothic" into the bottom search box. Hit "Enter" to search for the Century Gothic font. You can also try searching for "Gothic."

If you could not find the font using the search box, open the Windows recycle bin and look for the Century Gothic font file. When you find it, right-click on the file and select "Restore," or click on it and drag it onto the desktop.

Double-click the font file icon. When the window opens, click "Install." The font will be reinstalled onto your system.

For an alternate installation method, open "Control Panel" in the Start menu. Click on "Appearance and Personalization," then click "Fonts" to open the fonts folder.

Click on the Century Gothic font file and drag it into the "Fonts" folder. You can also right-click the file and select "Copy," then right-click the font folder background and select "Paste."