How to Reinstall Acer eDataSecurity Management

by Mircea Gabriel Suciu

If the copy of eDataSecurity Management software installed on your Acer notebook or desktop PC was removed, you can download and reinstall it so that you continue to protect your files from unauthorized access. You can obtain a copy of the installation file from the support page dedicated to your Acer product. Once you download this file, you can use it to install eDataSecurity Management on your machine.


Load the Acer download page in your Internet browser.


Choose the model of your Acer notebook. You can identify it either by entering the serial number printed on the white label underneath your computer or by choosing your product model from a list.


Select the operating system installed on your notebook or desktop PC using the drop-down menu.


Select the "Application" tab, and then press "Download" next to "Acer eDataSecurity Management Application." Save the setup file to your local hard drive.


Launch the installation file, and follow the instructions on the screen to install Acer eDataSecurity Management on your computer.


  • check If you are unsure whether the copy of Windows installed on your machine is the 32- or 64-bit version, use the System tool to find this information. Reveal the Charms bar, press "Search," type "System" (without quotes) in the search bar and then select "System" from the list of results. The information will be displayed in the "System type" section.

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