How to Register Windows Online

by Tim Mammadov

Registering your Windows operating system is quite different from activating it. The activation process ensures that you have a legitimate copy of the operating system and is required within 30 days of first use. You will not be able to download Microsoft software or use all Windows features until your copy is activated. Registration, however, is simply submitting your information, such as name, address and email, to Microsoft so that they could notify you of all updates, upgrades and changes to your copy of Windows. Both processes must be completed via the Internet.

Windows XP

Go to the "Start" menu, select "All Programs" and click "Activate Windows."

Select "Yes" in the "Activate Windows" window and click "Next." Select "Yes" on the next page and click "Next."

Fill in the required information in the "Collecting registration data" section of "Activate Windows" and click "Next."

Click "OK" in the confirmation window.

Windows Vista

Go to the "Start" menu, select "Control Panel," click "System and Maintenance" and select "Welcome Center."

Type "register Windows online" in the search box in the "Welcome Center" window.

Double-click the "Register Windows online" icon and follow the prompts to fill in the required information.

Windows 7

Go to Microsoft website and click on "Register Windows 7 now."

Fill in the required fields on the "Windows Registration" page.

Click "Submit."


  • check You must be connected to the Internet before starting the registration process. The "Windows Registration" page referenced in Step 2 of Section 3 can also be used for Vista and XP registration. However, if the Web page is down or unaccessible for another reason you should follow the described instructions.

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