How to Register QuickBooks

By Christina Hadley

Intuit QuickBooks registration isn't a requirement until after 30 days of use, Then, you must register the product or you will not be able to use the software. Registration unlocks the program after the grace period expires and gives you access to technical support as well as product upgrade notifications. Register your single or multiple-user license from within the application or call Intuit to complete a phone registration process. Intuit's registration methods no longer require registration numbers; use the product's license number instead.

Launch QuickBooks, navigate to the "Help" menu and select "Register QuickBooks." After completing the registration process, the registration option will not be available to single-license users.

Click "Begin Registration" and QuickBooks will choose the registration method for your software. Click the "Skip" button if the prompt suggests online registration but you wish to register the product by phone.

Complete the online or phone registration process. If your computer has an active Internet connection, register the product online by following QuickBook's prompts. If you are directed to complete a phone registration, keep the product's license number handy and make the call.

Register any remaining copies of QuickBooks as necessary. If your purchase of QuickBooks includes multi-user licenses, open and register each of the remaining copies. Go to the "Help" heading in the main menu and click "Register QuickBooks." QuickBooks will detect a previous product registration and initiate another online registration process. Enter the ZIP code and phone number that corresponds with the information given during the initial registration of QuickBooks.