How to Register a PSP System to the T-Mobile Hotspot Network

by Lindsay Howell

Using a Sony PSP, you can surf the Internet and play games online against other PSP users. With every Sony PSP purchase, users get six months free of T-Mobile's HotSpot Internet network. There are over 45,000 T-Mobile HotSpot connections in the U.S., so you should be able to find one near you.


Update the PSP's to the newest firmware. Log into your account from a non-T-Moblie hotspot; for example, use your wireless connection at home or at a public library. The PSP will ask you if you want to update the PSP. Select "OK" and follow the prompt to do so.


Find a T-Mobile HotSpot. Use the location map on T-Mobile's website (See References for link) to find one.


Turn on the PSP at the T-Mobile HotSpot. On the PSP's main menu, select "Network Settings" under "Settings." Press "X" on "Infrastructure Mode." Select "New Connection" then "Scan." Find the T-Mobile HotSpot on the list of connections. Press "X" to save the settings.

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