How to Register as an Official Celebrity on Facebook

by William Lynch
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Many celebrities use social media to promote their upcoming projects, to connect with fans and to share elements of their personal lives. Unfortunately, imposters often create fake accounts that can be confusing for the celebrity's friends and supporters. To combat such fraudulent behavior, Facebook initiated a celebrity verification program to authenticate each user's identity. Unlike other social media platforms, Facebook's celebrity verification is by invitation only. If you're lucky enough to receive an invitation, you will need to provide Facebook with a copy of your photo ID to complete the authentication process.

Step 1

Open the verification message from Facebook. Click the "Verify My Account" button.

Step 2

Scan or take a photo of a government-issued photo ID. Examples would be a driver's license or a passport. If you do not have a government-issued ID, scan or photograph at least two alternative IDs such as a school ID, a library card, a credit card, your birth certificate or your social security card.

Step 3

Make certain the photo you take of your ID clearly shows your name, picture and birthdate.

Step 4

Use photo editing software to black out any sensitive information like credit card numbers or driver's license numbers.

Step 5

Click the "Upload" button. Select your photo ID image from among your computer's files.

Step 6

Enter any requested alternative name in the supplied text field. Celebrities may prefer to display their stage name rather than their real name to help fans recognize them. If requesting an alternative name, check whether you want the alternative name to appear next to your real name on your Facebook timeline or at the top of your timeline and everywhere else your name appears.

Click the "Send ID" button.


  • Your verified account will not display a check symbol or any other visual indication that you have gone through the celebrity authentication process. Since Facebook actively prevents fraudulent accounts, your account's mere existence is proof of its authenticity.
  • Facebook states it destroys all uploaded documents once the verification process has been completed.
  • Verified celebrity accounts will appear more frequently on suggested "people to subscribe to" lists and higher in Facebook search results.


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