How to Register Kindle to Another Person

By Ashley Donohoe

Adjust the brightness on your Kindle display with a swipe of your finger.
i Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Amazon Kindle requires an Amazon account to sync books and subscriptions that you purchase from the Amazon website or on the Kindle. If you receive a Kindle as a gift or plan to sell it, you can deregister the device so a new user can use her Amazon email address and password to register the Kindle. Deregistering the Kindle also removes access to purchased materials.

Step 1

Press the down button on your Kindle's controller until you highlight "Settings" and press the middle controller button to select. Select "Deregister" on the screen and select "Deregister" to confirm.

Step 2

Connect your Kindle's USB cable to your computer if you want to delete any files on the device before transferring your Kindle to a new user. Click "Start" followed by "Computer" and double-click your Kindle's icon. Double-click the "Documents," "Music" or "Audible" folder to view a list of files. Right-click any file you want to delete and select "Delete." Right-click your Kindle's icon on "Computer" and select "Eject" to safety remove the device from your computer. Disconnect the USB cable when finished.

Step 3

Select "Settings" using the Kindle's controller and select "Register." Enter the Amazon account information for the new owner and select "OK" to transfer ownership.