How To Register a Garmin Nuvi

by Fred Decker

Like most electronics manufacturers, Garmin offers a range of useful services to registered owners of its GPS devices. Registering the product means you'll be able to get warranty service even if you've lost your purchase receipt, and if your unit is stolen Garmin will be able to locate it when it is used again. Registered users also receive regular firmware updates, keeping the unit current. Registration is a simple process that takes only a few minutes.


Navigate to the My Garmin website (link in Resources) and click "Register." On the Registration page, click the appropriate icon for your Nuvi product and a new page loads, prompting you to sign in or create a Garmin user account. Click the "Create One" link.


Sign in using an existing social media profile; choose from Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. Alternatively, create a new account just for Garmin by entering your name, email address and your choice of username and a password. Read the Terms of Use and Privacy Agreement, then click "Create Account."


Connect the Nuvi to your computer using the supplied USB cable. You are be prompted to install the Garmin Communicator plugin for your Web browser. The specific process varies among browsers, but boils down to following the onscreen prompts.


Wait while Communicator detects your device. When it's done, your GPS model is identified on the screen. Click "Continue" to confirm that the information is correct.


Enter the serial number of your device and, if prompted, your contact information. Click "Next" to finish registration. The following "Registration Complete" page informs you if any updates are available for your Nuvi.


  • The registration process varies slightly, depending on the type of Nuvi device you're registering. The details may also change over time as Garmin updates its website.

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