How to Register a Domain Name With ICANN

by James Johnson

ICANN stands for "Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers" and, as the name would suggest, this is the company responsible for keeping track of all registered website domain names from the top sites such as to smaller more regional sites such as your local newspaper. If you own a website and you registered that site at a compliant registrar you are part of ICANN. Since ICANN is so important, you'll want to know how to register your site with the organization or if your site has already been registered when you signed up for your domain name.


Visit the official accredited registrar directory at the second link below in the Resources section; on that site you can find a list of available ICANN approved registrars.


Visit the more popular registrars if you have any doubt about setting up a new domain., and are three of the largest ICANN approved registrars and typically are the easiest registrars to manage your domains with.


Select a registrar from the list in step one or from the available "Big 3 Registrars" from step 2 and visit their website, you will see a spot to "Register a Domain" or something along those lines, usually this spot asks you to enter the URL you wish to register and hit "Submit" to see if the web address is available.


Choose a "Top Level Domain Name" that is part of the ICANN Accredited list. The Top level simply refers to the letters found after the period in from an URL, for instance would have a top level of ".com" you can find the full accredited list of accepted suffixes at the first link below in the Resources section.


Enter your personal information once you find a domain name to register, make sure you enter your most current information as it is required by ICANN.


Save your domain registration confirmation in a safe place; we suggest printing out a copy of your domain to ensure proper safekeeping of records.


Call your registrar to verify that your account is set up and that you will be registered with ICANN. This step isn't necessary however it is a good means to make sure your registrar is on top of the registration process.


  • close Improper information can lead to the seizure of your website domain, so make sure your information is accurate when registering a domain name.

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