How to Register a CAB File

By Jim Campbell

A CAB file is one of the formats used for an ActiveX control. ActiveX controls include .DLL, OCX and CAB file formats. To manually register these files, you use the MS DOS command named "regsvr32." This utility installs the CAB file on your system and places its location in the Windows registry. CAB files are typically used to add interactive components to Microsoft software such as Internet Explorer or Microsoft Office.

Click the Windows "Start" button. Type "cmd" into the search text box and press "Enter." Your MS DOS prompt window opens where you can register your CAB file.

Type "regsvr32 /c" where "" is the name of your CAB file. The "c" switch means "console output," which means any errors are shown in the console.

Press "Enter" to run the regsvr32 tool and register the CAB file on your computer. A "Success" message returns when the registration completes.