How to register an account on Facebook

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Facebook has become one of the largest and most active websites on the web. Once serving only college students, Facebook has become essential to personal networking and communication in today's society, and it has an ever-increasing business presence. People of all ages are flocking to Facebook. If you want to stay current, sign up for a personal account soon.


Go to the Facebook sign-up page, using the Web browser of your choice.


Fill in the form on the right side of the screen. Enter your first name, last name, email, password, gender and birth date. Facebook requires you to provide your real date of birth for authenticity and age-appropriate access to content. You will be able to hide this information from your profile if you wish; its use is controlled by your Facebook privacy settings. You must be at least 13 years old to open a Facebook account. Click the "Sign Up" button.


Type the distorted words you see in the security box into the box below it and then click the "Sign Up" button again. Type those words exactly as you see them; if you type the words incorrectly, you are given two new words.


Watch for an email to appear at the email address you listed for your Facebook account. The email contains information to verify your account. Follow the instructions in the email. At this point, you have registered your Facebook account, but you aren't finished.


Follow Facebook prompts to accept any friend requests, if you have received any. The site will suggest you allow access to your contact list to search for and send friend requests to other people you know. You can do this now or wait until later.


Upload a profile picture and complete the basic information in your profile when prompted. You are not required to fill out all the information, although it helps friends find you on the site. You may leave blank anything you don't want to answer.


Post your first status update. Your Facebook account is up and active.


  • check Click the "Find Friends" link in the upper right corner of your Facebook page when you are ready to start searching for friends on Facebook.


  • close Once some people log onto to Facebook they sometimes lose several hours of their day
  • close Facebook can be addicting

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