What Are Refurbished Cell Phones?

by Melissa Warner

Many people enjoy staying on top of the newest cell phone technology. The yearning to have the most impressive or useful phone comes at a hefty price. A new cell phone can be hundreds of dollars without a new contract. Even with the 2-year agreement that many companies require, cell phones can cost more than $200. Purchasing a refurbished phone could be an economical alternative for you.

What a Refurbished Phone is

A refurbished phone is a phone that has been returned to a factory to be rebuilt or sent back to brand new conditions.

Why Phones are Returned

Cell phones are sent to factories to be refurbished for a variety of reasons. Some phones are sent back because they are broken, but many are returned after a consumer becomes dissatisfied during his 30-day trial period.

Kinds of Refurbished Phones Available

Refurbished phones are often older models of phones. Many do not have complex features, but some with cameras or MP3 players are available.

Reasons People Purchase

Often, people purchase phones that are refurbished because they are looking for an outdated model to replace a broken phone. Others purchase refurbished phones to be eco-friendly or to save money.


Cell phones are sent back to factories to improve the quality, but should the problems continue, most refurbished phones come with a 90-day warranty.

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