How to Refresh a Global Address List

by Lysis

The global address list (GAL) is a contact address book for the local network that works in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook. The GAL is used to help users quickly find contacts on the network, so they can email the person without calling or finding the email address manually. The GAL is hosted on an Exchange server. Refreshing the GAL involves rebuilding it in the Exchange command prompt. The refreshed GAL is then seen in the user's Outlook session the next time the "Send/Receive Email" button is pressed.


Click the Windows "Start" button and select "All Programs." In the list of options, click "Microsoft Exchange Server 2010" and then click "Exchange Management Shell." This opens the Exchange command shell.


Type the following command into the command shell: get-offlineaddressbook | update-offlineaddressbook This command turns the GAL off and then turns it back on, refreshing the content.


Wait for the confirmation that the GAL has been rebuilt. The rebuilding of the GAL may take several minutes.


Open a Microsoft Outlook client and click the "Send/Receive Email" button. This retrieves the new content in the GAL and refreshes it for the end user.

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