How to Reformat an SD Card Into NTFS

By Art Corvelay

SD cards fit into many electronic devices.
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Although some cameras and camcorders are equipped with built-in hard drives, many use external storage cards called SD cards. SD cards are small cards that fit into various electronic devices and extend the memory of the device. Most SD cards must be formatted using the FAT file system to be compatible with an electronic device. However, you may need to format the card into the NTFS system, a newer file system used by the Windows platform.

Insert the SD card into an SD card reader.

Connect the SD card reader to your computer's USB port. Windows should recognize that you've added a new piece of hardware.

View the SD card by clicking "Start" and then "Computer." The SD card should be listed under "Devices with removable storage."

Right-click the SD card and select "Format." A new window appears.

Select "NTFS" by clicking on the drop-down menu labeled "File System."

Format the SD card by clicking the "Start" button. The formatting process should only take a few moments.