How to Reformat a Lenovo IdeaPad

by Ruri Ranbe

Lenovo OneKey Recovery System is a backup and recovery solution that enables you to recover your IdeaPad to a previous state. Using OneKey Recovery, you can either restore the PC to its factory default condition or to a backup you created previously. The software formats the hard drive and reimages the computer to the selected backup.

Step 1

Shut down the computer and then press and hold the "Novo" button to boot into the recovery environment.

Step 2

Release the button, select "Lenovo OneKey Recovery System" from the Novo menu and then press "Enter."

Step 3

Click "OneKey Recovery" and then select "Restore From Initial Backup" or "Restore From User's Backup" from the options. Click "Next."

Step 4

Choose a backup file to restore from and then click "Next," if applicable.

Click "Start" and select "Yes" at each prompt to recover the operating system to the backup.


  • If you saved your backup to DVD, insert the first disc in the series into the optical drive before clicking "Start."
  • The location of the Novo button varies from model to model. On some products, for example, it's located on the front of the PC; on others, you can find it on the keyboard bezel.

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