How to Refill a Canon Ink Cartridge Without Resetting

By Steve Smith

Refill cartridges and use them without resetting the chip.
i printer cartridge image by hugy from

Canon ink cartridges each have a microchip. This chip tells the computer how much ink is in the cartridge. When the ink is low, the chip tells the computer it must be refilled. If you refill the cartridge with ink, the computer will "know" that the cartridge is a refill. Either reset the chip with a chip resetting device, or follow a simple set of steps to use these cartridges without resetting the chip.

Obtain your specific Canon cartridge refill kit and follow the instructions to refill the cartridge. Use an online source like or for this step. Each cartridge is made differently, so there is a different set of instructions for each one.

Refill the cartridge. Generally speaking, this involves the following: drill a small hole in the vent plug. Insert the syringe in the ink, draw out some ink. Insert the syringe into the cartridge and then inject ink inside by pushing down the syringe plunger. Fill the cartridge slowly to avoid spilling the ink.

Seal your drill hole by melting some candle wax onto a sheet of cardboard or poster board. Scrape up the soft wax with a plastic applicator and spread it over the hole. Let this dry for about ten minutes.

Insert the new refilled ink cartridge into your printer. Turn on your computer and let it boot up. You will see pop up dialog boxes on your screen, each with a different question about your printer. Select the appropriate answers to each and then continue to use the cartridge.

Print your first document with the cartridge. If you experience more pop-ups, select the correct answers to allow you to continue your printing.