How to Reduce My Desktop Size

by Ryan Menezes

Your screen's resolution controls the size of your desktop. At high resolutions, your desktop will appear large and will contain many, small icons. At lower resolutions, fewer, larger icons will fill the reduced space. People often prefer higher resolutions that display higher-quality images and let you see more content at once. But a crowded screen overwhelms some people, and a smaller desktop can prevent the extra content from distracting you.

Right-click a blank area of the desktop.

Click on "Screen resolution."

Click the down-arrow in the "Resolution" box. A slider will appear.

Click the slider and drag it downward. The preview image above the slider will shrink correspondingly.

Click "OK." The screen will flicker before returning at the new resolution. A dialog box will open asking you to confirm or reject the new resolution.

View your altered desktop. If you like the new size, click "OK" in the dialog box. If not, click "Cancel," and select a new resolution with the slider.

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