How to Redirect GoDaddy Webmail to Gmail

by Steve Gregory
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GoDaddy's Web mail service has the standard features you expect from most email service providers. However, it is not as feature-rich or intuitive as the Gmail email service. As a result, you may prefer to keep using Gmail as your main email provider even though you have a GoDaddy email account. You can create an email forwarding account for your domain's email address in your GoDaddy Email Control Center to redirect email to your Gmail account automatically.

Step 1

Sign in to the GoDaddy Account Manager dashboard.

Step 2

Click "Email" to display the Email section's content.

Step 3

Click the "Set Up" button in the Email Forwarding section to display the Product Setup - Email box.

Step 4

Select the domain name you want to associate with the email account from the drop-down box.

Step 5

Click the "Set Up" button to activate the forwarding feature for the domain. The Setup - Email box automatically closes and a message displays that the process will take a few minutes to complete.

Step 6

Click the "Launch" button next to the account that you want to use to open the Account Log In window.

Step 7

Enter your account login information to open the Email Control Panel window.

Step 8

Click the "Create Forward" email icon to open the Forward Email window.

Step 9

Enter your GoDaddy domain email address in the "Forward This Email Address" field.

Step 10

Enter your Gmail address in the "To These Email Addresses" field.

Select your email account plan from the "Plan" drop-down box and then click the "Create" button. The email address appears in the Email Address column of your Email Control Panel dashboard. The Used/Quota column displays the words "Forward Account" after the email address is processed as an email forwarding account.


  • GoDaddy does not save copies of forwarded email messages on its servers.


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