How to Find a Rediffmail Password

By Editorial Team

Find a Rediffmail Password
i Comstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images is an Indian entertainment, shopping, information and news portal. It also offers web based mail to over 65 million registered users. If you are also a registered member of this service but have lost or forgotten the password, there are ways to recover it without having to lose your email account. Rediff email offers a password recovery tool that will help you regain access to your inbox.

Go to Rediff email's website and click on "Sign In."

Click on "Forgot Password?"

Enter your username in the popup window and click "Continue."

Enter your ID in the next step, and click "Continue."

Enter the answer to your secret security question that you had specified when you first signed up for this service.

Enter the alternative email address that you had mentioned when you had made an account on Rediff. Rediff will then send you the recovered password at the alternative email address. The recovery will only be successful if you provide all the correct answers.