A Red Light Is Blinking on My Logitech MX700

By Evelyn Johnson

Charge your mouse to stop its red light from blinking.
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When a red light is blinking on your Logitech MX700 cordless optical mouse, it's battery power is low. To stop the red light from blinking, and to recharge your mouse, place it in its Base Station. To prevent the mouse from having low power, you can keep it in its Base Station. If the red light is still blinking after a charge or you are having other problems, make sure you are caring for your mouse through software updates and proper temperature storage.

Blinking Red Light

The Logitech MX700 optical mouse's LED light stays off, except when the mouse has recently been charged, or is low on battery. When the mouse's battery is low, its light will blink red. The MX700 requires rechargeable nickel metal hydride batteries, which can be recharged on the mouse's Base Station.

Recharging Your Mouse

You can recharge your MX700's batteries, and thus stop the blinking of its LED light, by placing it on the Rapid Charge Base Station. The Base Station should be plugged into your computer's USB port, as well as into an electrical outlet. Keep it placed on the top of your desk at least eight inches away from other electrical equipment. When your mouse is fully charged, its LED light will turn green for five minutes before turning off.

Preventing Low Power

If you are frequently see the MX700's blinking red light, keep the mouse on its Base Station when it is not in use. The mouse will not connect to the computer and be usable when it has lost all power, so make sure to avoid this inconvenience by charging it during times of non-use. Lengthy periods of time during which you do not use the mouse, such as sleep or work away from your computer, are especially conducive to building up a charge.

Properly Caring for the MX700

If the red light on the MX700 does not stop blinking after a charge, or you have other problems with your mouse, make sure you are properly caring for it by checking for software updates, and keeping it at operable temperatures. You can check for and download software on Logitech's Product Support Page (link in Resources). These downloads can help fix any software or hardware bugs. Since the MX700 is only approved for operation in temperatures ranging from 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, do not store or use it in extremely cold or extremely hot areas.