How to Recycle Toshiba Toner Cartridges

By Bonnie Conrad

Recycle your toner the right way.
i copy machine image by Mat Hayward from

If you own a Toshiba copier or printer, dispose of the used toner cartridges properly. The chemicals used to make toner for copiers and printers are potentially hazardous, and simply throwing used toner cartridges in the trash could be bad for the environment. Fortunately, toner cartridges are recyclable. Toshiba offers a program that allows users to easily and quickly recycle their used cartridges.

Remove the used toner cartridge from the Toshiba printer or copier, and replace it with a new cartridge. Check the box the new cartridge came in to see if there is a prepaid shipping label. Many replacement cartridges come with a prepaid return label you can use to send the old cartridge back for recycling.

Pack the used toner cartridge in the box the new one came in, then seal it with packing tape. Log on to the Toshiba toner recycling website (see References) and register for an account.

Watch the mail for the startup kit from Toshiba. This startup kit is used to collect used toner and copier cartridges.

Call 1-866-665-6713 to arrange for a pickup of the material you have collected. The used toner cartridges will be picked up and recycled.