How to Recycle Old Computer Books

By Alicia Bodine

Computer technology advances at a relentless pace. New techniques and instructions teaching you how to use your computer are placed in books that become outdated as soon as the computer becomes outdated. When you upgrade your computer you no longer require that old computer book. There is no need to throw your old computer books out with the trash, when others who can only afford the older models can use them. It is more responsible to recycle the computer books.

Recycle your old computer book by donating it to Vintage Computer Festival. Vintage Computer Festival keeps older computer books in circulation. To donate, send an email to [email protected]. List the name of the book, your phone number and your address. Vintage Computer Festival will pay your shipping costs if you decide to donate.

Take your old computer books to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army store. The website Used Computers recommends recycling your books by donating them to these organizations because they will give disabled individuals as well as low-income families the ability to buy the book at a low price.

Recycle your old computer book by giving it to your local library. The American Library Association says that each local library will decide whether to put the book on the library shelves, or sell it at one of the library's used book sales.

Give your old computer books to a used bookstore. People go to used bookstores to find old books so that makes used bookstores a great option when choosing to recycle your old computer books.