How to Recycle an Epson Ink Cartridge

By Ty Arthur

Recycle an Epson Ink Cartridge
i Epson

Empty ink cartridges are usually tossed out in the garbage, but can be recycled instead. Epson allows you to send in old ink cartridges that will be recycled and used again. If you choose to send your cartridges to Epson, there is no reimbursement. However, you can also use third-party ink cartridge recycling programs that pay you for the cartridges.

Directly Through Epson

Power on your Epson printer and then remove the used ink cartridges. Package the cartridges in a small box or padded mailer.

Include enough packing material inside the box or padded mailer to ensure the Epson ink cartridges are not damaged during shipping. Address the package to: Epson America Inc. Attn: Recycling Center, 18300 Central Avenue, Carson, CA 90746.

Take the package to any mail delivery outlet, such as a regular post office or a Fed Ex store. Mail the package at your own cost to Epson to recycle the ink cartridges.

Third-Party Recyling Program

Follow the link in the Resources section to the Print Country website or access another third-party recycling program's website. Check the website's FAQs, or "Frequently Asked Questions," for a list of what ink cartridges are accepted in exchange for money.

Ensure the website is accepting your specific ink cartridges. Remove the cartridges from your Epson printer and package them in a box or bubble mailer with adequate packing material to prevent damage.

Enter your name, physical address and email address into the website's submission form. Click on the check box that corresponds to the specific Epson ink cartridges you are sending in.

Record the reference number provided by the website. Include the reference number with the website's mailing address on the package.

Mail the package to the website's physical address, and then wait for your check.