How to Recover Yahoo Email

By Michelle Varsallona

Don't fret about forgetting your Yahoo! ID; it can be recovered.
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It can be extremely frustrating when you forget an Email ID or password. Luckily, if you forget your Yahoo! ID, it can be recovered through Yahoo's secure process. It is recommended that when you recover your ID, that you change your password to ensure the security of the account when you recover information. Following the Yahoo! recovery steps will only take a few moments if you remember other information about your account.

Open your Web browser and open the Yahoo! homepage.

Click "Sign In" at the top of the page.

Click the "I can't access my account" link under the sign-in boxes.

Click the circle next to "I forgot my Yahoo! ID" and click "Next."

Enter the alternate email address you entered when you signed up for Yahoo! Email (if you supplied one), along with your birthday, country and postal code. Click "Next." If you did not supply an email address, you will have to answer two security questions on the next page.

Click "Continue to Yahoo" when you get the "Success" message. Your log in information is sent to your alternate account.

Open the email account that you had the information sent to and open the email. It is titled "Yahoo! ID Search Results," and inside is your ID.