How to Recover an Unsaved Password

By Kirk Bennet

You can recover a password by resetting it.
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Almost all online services, like Yahoo Mail, Google Mail and Skype, require you to set a user name and password when you create an account. You can then use these login details to gain access to your account. Although user names are usually easy to remember, a password can contain letters, numbers and special characters, making it more difficult to remember. If you forget an unsaved password, you should recover it as soon as possible.

Step 1

Navigate to the online service's official website. Go to the "Log in" section of the website and you will see at least two text fields: "Username" or "Email address" and "Password." Depending on the login type, you might be required to enter additional information. However, you should see a "Forgot fassword" or "I can't remember my password" link in the "Log in" section.

Step 2

Enter your email account when you are prompted for it. This will send a reset link to your account. In case you want to recover an unsaved email account password, you will be asked to enter the username, as well as answers to the security questions. (You chose the security questions and their answers at the time you created the account.)

Step 3

Go to your email account and you will see an email containing instructions on how to reset your password. Most likely, this email will include a link. Click on this link and follow the instructions to set a new password. Some services will send a password that was generated automatically. Use this password to log in and change the old password. Write down your new password and store it in a safe place -- and a place that you will easily remember.