How to Recover a Toshiba Satellite Without Erasing Data

By Stephen Lilley

If you want to recover your Toshiba Satellite laptop computer and don't want to lose any of your personal information, you're going to want to run Windows System Restore. This utility is built into the Windows operating system, which is the operating system that all Toshiba Satellite laptop computers run. System Restore will restore only your computer's settings, leaving all of your personal data untouched and unaffected.

Click "Start," select "All Programs," choose "Accessories," click "System Tools" and select "System Restore."

Click "Next" to view a list of all of the various restore points on your Toshiba Satellite laptop computer. A restore point is a date and time where your computer saved the system settings. You can restore your computer to any restore point.

Click the listing for the restore point you want to use. Click "Next" to proceed.

Click "Finish." This will recover your Toshiba Satellite back to the way it was working on the date of the restore point, while leaving all personal files untouched.