How to Recover a Toshiba A215

By David Clair

The Toshiba Satellite A215 is a line of personal notebook computers equipped with the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system. Each Toshiba A215 has a pre-installed recovery utility that can restore the computer to its factory configuration. The recovery process erases any programs or data that were not pre-installed on the computer.

Turn the Toshiba Satellite A215 computer off.

Press and hold the "0" key. Turn the computer on.

Release the "0" key when the Toshiba Recovery Wizard screen appears.

Click to select "Recovery of Factory Default Software" and then click "Next."

Click to select "Recover to out-of-box-state" and then click "Next."

Click "Next" on the confirmation screen to begin the recovery process.

Press any key on the keyboard to restart the computer when prompted. The computer boots up to the Windows setup screen.