How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on Your Pantech Jest

by Kayla Lowe

If you've accidentally deleted an important text message or one that you simply wanted to keep, there is no need to despair. Software exists that allows you to recover deleted text messages. All you have to do is access your SIM card from your Pantech Jest with the appropriate hardware and software.


Open Pro Data Doctor. This SIM card data recovery software costs $69 and recovers deleted text messages from the inbox, outbox, sent and draft folders. It also recovers phonebook numbers as well as contact names. It requires a SIM card reader into which you place your Pantech Jest's SIM card, plug the reader into your computer and then allow the software to read and recover your data.


Purchase Brickhouse Security. The Cell Phone Spy data recovery software comes with the data recovery CD as well as the SIM card reader. It costs $99.95 and recovers all deleted SIM card data, including text messages. It is even compatible with some prepaid cell phones.


Install SIMCon Forensics. SIMCon costs $195 and is the SIM card data recovery software used by law enforcement to recover SIM card data. It recovers deleted text messages, call logs, contacts and more. It comes with the data recovery software as well as the SIMCon SIM card reader needed to read your SIM card.


  • check Recover deleted text messages as soon as possible, before the files are overwritten.


  • close Beware of websites that offer free SIM card data recovery downloads because they could contain malicious software that can harm your computer.

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