How to Recover the Text History for a Verizon Phone

by LaoA

Verizon cell phone users do not have the ability to recover text message history via their phones or online. However, if you contact the customer service department of Verizon, you can get obtain old texts in the form of a recording. Though this process takes effort, it remains the only option for those who want to recover older text messages.

Contact Verizon via your cell phone or just enter *611 on your handset (see References). Let the employee with whom you speak know your account and cellular numbers. Tell the rep what you desire to do and why you want to obtain your text history.

Let the customer service worker know that you want him to send you a copy of the history with your next phone bill. Note that you have the option to request assistance from a supervisor if you need further help.

Tell the supervisor the reason why you require the data. Also, inform him of the exact timeframe of the history you want to obtain.

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