How to Recover POP3 Email Passwords

By Greyson Ferguson

Pop3, or Post Office Protocol version 3, is a type of email address used by members of a server or network. The email address is a local address to the server, but can still receive messages from other users who are not connected to the server. Like all other password-protected Internet applications, it is possible to forget your password, which will completely restrict access to the account. If that were to happen, though, it is possible to retrieve the password without attempting to create a new one.

Follow the provided link in "Resources" to the download page of "Email Password Recovery." This software will allow any user of the software to scan and retrieve the password.

Click "Mirror #1" and the file will begin to download. Once the download has concluded you can install the software by double-clicking the new desktop icon and following the prompts of the installation wizard.

Tell the software to perform a full scan. The Email Password Recovery will now scan the computer for passwords associated with email addresses on the computer. Once it has completed it will display all of the email addresses accessed, and with what password. If you are the only user on the computer it should be relatively easy to locate your password (there will not be many listed). However, if multiple users access the computer there could be a large list of email addresses and their passwords. Scan through until you find yours.

Write down the password if necessary and close the program. You will now be able to log back onto your email account.