How to Recover Photos From a PC

by Greyson Ferguson

If you use a digital camera, you probably have hundreds, if not thousands, of digital images saved onto your computer system. These images often have special memories attached and are extremely important. If you ever realize some image files have been deleted from your Windows-based PC and you can't find the pictures in their original location, it is possible to recover the photos back onto your computer.


Double-click the "Recycle Bin" icon on the desktop. A window appears with all of the files that have been deleted but are not completely removed from the hard drive. If you find your images here, right-click the files and choose "Restore" to place the pictures back onto your computer.


Download and install an image recovery program. There are several free downloaded programs, including "R-Studio Data Recover," "Recover Files" or "File Recover."


Open the program you have installed, which is found on the "Start" menu, then click the "Scan" feature. The recovery software now scans over your computer for all the files it is able to recover, including the photos deleted from the PC.


Allow the scan to complete and look over the list of files you may recover. These files are displayed in the program view screen.


Check off the photo files you want to recover and click "Restore" (or "Recover," depending on what program you are using). The photo files are now placed back into their original location on the hard drive.

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