How to Recover the Password in Outlook 2003

By Kara Page

Losing your Outlook email password is a nuisance, but a simple code will help you retrieve it.
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Outlook Express 2003 is one of the older versions of this email application widely used in schools and businesses as well as by individuals. The software allows you to set a password to your email account to keep your information private; however, forgetting the password means you can't access your email account. If you are on your home or work computer and have administrative access, recovering your Outlook 2003 password is simple.

Step 1

Restart your computer. Enter "Administrator" in the username section, and leave the password field blank.

Step 2

Go to "Start," select "Programs" and then choose "Command Prompt" from the "Accessories" menu. Enter this exact code into the field: oe6.exe -h -e "" -p

Insert your own Outlook 2003 email address instead of ""

Step 3

Press "Enter." Your Outlook 2003 password will appear.