How to Recover Music in Your iTunes Library

by Contributor

I recently had to refresh my computer which meant I no longer had iTunes on my computer. I re-downloaded iTunes onto my computer but then I soon realized that I no longer had the music, I purchased from iTunes, in my Library. Instead of reading the directions on how to get my music back into my library, I just connected my iPod to my computer and sync' d the iPod and computer, figuring this would put all my music back into the Library. Not so!! When I sync' d the iPod with the computer, everything on my iPod was deleted. So now I've lost everything. Below are the steps I should have followed in the first place and I will also tell you how I got my music back without having to re-purchase them.

After refreshing your computer from a crash, you'll need to re-download iTunes. You can download iTunes from

After following the steps to download and install iTunes, open iTunes and connect your iPod. This is VERY important....DO NOT sync your iPod. Doing so will delete all media from your iPod.

Instead of sync'ing, go to the toolbar at the top and select "File". From there, you'll need to select "Transfer Purchases from iPod." Music you purchased from iTunes will now be transferred to your "Purchased" folder under "Store."


  • check Should you accidentally delete your purchased items, don't despair. Visit, fill out the form along with a recent order number (this can be obtained from your iTunes account) and an explanation of what happened. iTunes will respond within 24 hours giving you a "one time" opportunity to re-download all your purchases.

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