How to Recover a Lost Windows Password

by Herman Cruz

When you lose or forget your Windows password, you will not be able to log into your computer. To solve this pesky problem and access your computer again, you can use a third-party password recovery software utility that is compatible with Windows operating systems. This will enable you to reset your lost Windows password so you don't have to re-configure or re-install your Windows computer's OS.

Use the Password Changer software in your Windows operating system to reset the Windows password you lost and access your computer again (see Resources). Password Changer provides a free demo version of the software that will help you recover your lost Windows password by resetting it through its user-friendly interface. This software will keep you from having to re-install or re-configure your Windows operating system and is compatible with Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Click on the "Download Here" link displayed on the bottom, left region of the page, in the "Download Center" section, next to where it says "Download Free Demo Version." When redirected to the download page, you will have four download options; click on the one you prefer and proceed to reset the password following the process that corresponds to the download you selected.

Administer the Ophcrack software in your Windows system and log into your computer again by resetting your lost Windows password (see Resources). Ophcrack is a free software that you can use to reset lost Windows passwords on Windows as well as other operating system. Click on the "Download " button placed at the bottom of the page that features your preferred download option. You will be able to download the software onto a CD, floppy disk or a flash drive. Once you have the software in the device you chose, insert it in the Windows system that you can't access. Start the inaccessible Windows system and the Ophcrack reset interface will pop up, prompting you to reset your password by changing it to another password of your choice. Type the new password you chose when prompted, and you will be able to log into your Windows computer as you normally would.

Operate the Cain & Abel software in your Windows system to swiftly reset your lost Windows password (see Resources). Cain & Abel is a multifunctional password recovery tool that supports Windows operating systems. Aside of allowing users to recover lost Windows passwords, Cain & Abel also includes features that will help you decode scrambled passwords, reveal password boxes, uncover cached passwords and record VoIP conversations. To operate Cain & Abel on your Windows system, click on the download link that says "Download Cain & Abel v4.9.36 for Windows NT/2000/XP," which is displayed in the center of the page. Click on the "Save File" tab on the pop-up box and then decide if you want to perform a "Local Installation" or a "Remote Installation." Your choice will determine how you will have to go about recovering your lost Windows password. Click on the link that says "View Cain & Abel on-line User Manual" at the bottom of the page to access the user manual an determine which option is appropriate for you.

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