How to Recover Lost Pictures on a Computer

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Recovering lost pictures on your computer is an important skill to have if you are accident prone or if you regularly delete large amounts of information off of your computer. Luckily, there are programs that give you the ability to recover lost or deleted photographs from a hard drive or memory card. While it may sound difficult to use, it is actually quite simple if you follow the proper instructions.

Step 1

Download a photo recovery program from the Internet or purchase one from an electronics store. Websites like download.com may be able to provide you with basic software to help you recover your files. If you do not find one up to your standards, head to a local electronics store and purchase it through those means. Some of the more popular brands include Photosrecovery, ArtsPlus and Easeus Photo Recovery.

Step 2

Install the software on the computer from which you wish to recover your lost photographs. The file may download as a .zip file. If this is the case, simply double-click the .zip file and open it in the installer window. Continue until the installation process is complete.

Step 3

Start the program by double-clicking the icon on your desktop marked with the name of the program you have selected. On the main menu, select the hard drive or memory card that had your lost photos on it and click "Next." If the photos are being recovered from a memory card, the memory card must be connected to the computer either through a memory card port on the computer or through a USB cable.

Step 4

Wait as your computer scans the memory card or hard drive for your files. If it does not find them on the first scan, click on "Complete recovery" or the similar option on your software program and the computer will do a second scan. Your lost photos will come up on the screen when the scan is complete.

Select the photos you would like to recover by checking the box next to each relevant picture. To select all of the photos, click the "Select all" option available on most photo recovery software. Continue by selecting the drive where you wish to save the photos (either your hard drive or a memory card). You will receive an on-screen message telling you that the recovery process is complete.


  • This is the general process that takes place with any photo recovery software. The layout or specific options may differ slightly by program.

Items you will need

  • Photo recovery software

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