How to Recover a Lost Password for Hotmail

by Angela M. Wheeland

Windows Live Hotmail, formerly known as MSN Hotmail, is a free email service provided by Microsoft. It provides unlimited storage and integration with many online Web tools and is available in 36 languages. It is the largest email service with 364 million users. Windows Live Hotmail has recovery systems allowing its users to reset an account password. It aids in recovery by allowing the user to retrieving the password through the alternate email source entered during registration.

Navigate your Web browser to the Hotmail sign-in page (see Resources).

Click the "Forgot your password?" link and select "I forgot my password."

Click the "Reset your password" link that appears below "I forgot my password."

Enter your Windows Live ID and enter the verification code. Click "Next." Windows Live sends a link to the alternate email address entered when the account was created.

Click the link embedded in the e-mail and follow the directions to reset your password.

Contact Live Support. If you cannot reset your password after many attempts, contact Live Support via the online help page.


  • check If you do not have access to the email address entered at the time of registration, Windows requires a period of 24 hours before attempting alternative options.
  • check If you updated your account and answered secret questions, Windows Live allows you to retrieve your password using this information. You are given the choice to reset via email or through security questions.

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