How to Recover an HP Laptop

by Qyou Stoval

Your HP laptop has multiple ways in which the operating system and hard drive can be recovered to factory settings. This may be useful if you are selling you HP laptop to another recipient and want to restore or recover the device to factory settings to erase personal information. It may be necessary if you need to repair the device after it's been damaged by a virus or corrupt files. The original installation disk that came with the computer or built-in software will allow you to have the system restored in approximately 45 minutes to one hour.

Back up any information on the hard drive that you do not want to be permanently removed.

Reboot your computer. Press F11 upon startup (if F11 does not open the bootup menu, press F10). HP will boot the computer in restore mode.

Click "Yes" when prompted if you are sure that you would like to restore your computer to factory settings. Click "Next." When you start the formatting process, there is no reversal. All information currently located on the hard drive will be erased, and your HP computer will be recovered to the original state.


  • check If you have the original installation disk that came with your HP, insert it into your CD or DVD player, reboot your computer and follow the same steps.

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