How to Recover Deleted Files From a Sony IC Recorder

by Steven Diggs, Jr.
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The Sony IC Recorder is a digital voice recorder. With this device, you can record conversations, interviews and lectures. This makes it ideal for journalists and students. When you delete files from this device, you can recover them by connecting the device to a computer with a file-recovery program installed. There are three free file-recovery programs that will recover your deleted Sony IC Recorder files.

Step 1

Restore deleted Sony IC Recorder files using Easeus Deleted File Recovery Free Edition 5.0.1. Choose the Sony IC Recorder and scan it. Look through the list of recoverable files for the deleted files you want. Click on the file and click "Restore."

Step 2

Pull deleted Sony IC Recorder files from deletion with Recuva. In the drop-down box located at the very top, choose the IC Recorder. Locate the file you need back in the list generated below, click the check box and press "Restore."

Install Tokiwa DataRecovery to recover deleted IC Recorder files. Choose recorder from the "drive selection tool." Click the check box beside the files that you want and click "Recovery."


  • Removing the IC Recorder while files are being restored will corrupt the recorder's hard drive.


  • Always make backup files of your important files.

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