How to Recover a Facebook Business Page After Deactivation

by Nick Peers
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When you deactivate your Facebook account, Facebook deactivates your business pages immediately. You may not be aware, but your pages are not restored when you reactivate your account. This means that your clients are unable to find your company and products on Facebook. Fortunately, you can manually recover each business page after you activate the Facebook account. The pages are restored immediately after you manually recover them. Of course, the content of the pages is not altered in any way by Facebook.

Reactivate the Business Pages

Click "Pages" in the left navigation pane after you log in to your Facebook account to view your business pages. Click the business page you want to recover to navigate to it. Click the "Edit" button and choose "Edit Settings" from the menu to edit your page's settings. If you see the "Page unpublished" message in the Page Visibility section, your page is not active. To recover it, click the "Edit" link in the Page Visibility section, uncheck the "Unpublish Page" box and click "Save Changes." The "Page published" message appears in the Page Visibility section and your page is published immediately.


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