How to Recover Deleted Yahoo Messenger Messages

By WayneC

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Yahoo Messenger is an instant-messaging service that allows users to converse one-on-one with friends and family over the Internet. The service allows a user to keep a list of friends and family to make it easier to start a conversation with them. Conversations take place in a conversation window. When this window closes, the entire conversation closes along with it. Opening a conversation window with that contact again creates a new, blank conversation window. However, the conversation is not deleted after the window is closed, and it is possible to view past conversations.

Step 1

Open Yahoo Messenger. Look at the list of contacts and select the contact whose messages you are recovering.

Step 2

Move the cursor over the arrow to the right of the selected contact's name and select "View Message History" from the menu that appears.

Step 3

When the conversation window appears, select "View More History."

Step 4

Look through the conversations listed in the "My History" tab that appears. Each time you click a conversation, the entire conversation appears at the bottom of the My History tab.