How to Recover Deleted Sprint Text Messages

by Palmer Owyoung

Sprint is one of the most popular telecommunications companies throughout the U.S. It has some of the most cost-effective calling plans and provides some of the best phones, which are often provided for free with a contract. Nevertheless, none of this will prevent you from making mistakes like deleting text messages that you wanted to keep. But don't worry if you've done this, because with a little bit of know-how, you can recover them.


Select a SIM card text message recovery tool. Two good places to look are at SIMcon and SIMrecovery (see Resources section).


Download and install the software that comes with the tool.


Take the SIM card out of your cell phone. It's the small white rectangular plastic object located under the battery.


Slide the SIM card into the reader that came with your recovery tool package and plug it into your USB drive.


Launch the software application and click on “File” and “Read SIM Card.” You will see a list of messages, both deleted and undeleted. The deleted ones will be marked in red or will have “Del” next to them.


Right-click on the deleted message that you want to recover and select “Undelete.”

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