How to Recover Deleted Web Pages

By Faizah Imani

Recover Deleted Web Pages
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Do you have a Web page you accidentally deleted and need to get it back? Perhaps you are creating a new website and would like to refer back to your old website's pages to get some ideas for your new one. Whatever the reason, you have a great chance of getting your Web page back.

How to Recover Deleted Web Pages

Gather all of the information pertaining to your website, such as your domain name, as well as the information for the administrative contact person who is over the administration of the website.

Contact the company that is hosting your website. Provide it with your domain name and administrative contact information.

Advise the company you deleted a Web page and would like to recover the deleted file. Most Web hosting companies back up all of their website pages. The company will be able to look up the file you deleted on the backup server and restore it into your file directory. It is best to contact your Web hosting company as soon as possible after deleting the Web page to increase your chances of getting the page restored.

Use the Internet Archive Wayback Machine to look up your deleted Web page if you do not want to go through your Web hosting company. By going to Internet Archive Wayback Machine, you can type in the domain name for your website. The Internet Archive Wayback Machine will then pull up all website pages that have been associated with the website, no matter how old they are. This is great if you would like to go back and see a Web page that was deleted many years or months ago.

Click on the page of your website that you would like to recover through the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. Click on the "View" option from the menu bar of your Internet browser. Select the "Page Source" option. Copy all of the HTML coding associated with your deleted Web page from the page source.

Paste the copied HTML code from the page source into the HTML editor of your website. Save your work. You should now be able to view your Web page. Some of the graphics might not be in place anymore, but all of the textual aspects of the Web page should still be in tact. You will have to upload new graphics.