How to Recover Deleted Files on My Mac

by Lindsay Howell

Sometimes you accidentally delete important files on your Mac that you cannot recover from the recycling bin. If this happens all is not lost. You can retrieve deleted files using a data-recovery program designed to be used on Mac computers.

Connect your Mac's disk drive to a Windows computer, if you can. Download the program Uneraser free online. This program can retrieve files from Mac drives. Choose the Mac's disk drive from the drive selection menu, and the program will scan the drive for deleted items. The deleted data will be displayed in a list. Choose the files you want to recover and click the "Restore" button.

Buy the program Data Rescue 3 and install it on your computer. This program can recover files from a hard drive even if it has been formatted. Choose the C drive as the location to be scanned. The program will locate and restore deleted files.

Purchase File Recovery for Mac, a data-recovery program. Install and open the program and select the hard drive from the drive selection menu. The program will scan the drive and locate deleted files. The files will automatically be restored to the hard drive.


  • check Make backup copies of important files on your Mac's hard drive to avoid accidentally erasing the data.


  • close Turning off your Mac while using a data-recovery program can corrupt the files you are trying to retrieve.

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