How to Recover Deleted Incredimail Email

by Elton Dunn
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Every email user has experienced the frustration of losing an important email, and sometimes losing the email has serious implications, such as when it contains driving directions or financial data. Incredimail is a free email client that allows you to view emails from Web-based email accounts. When you accidentally delete emails or email folders from your Incredimail account, you have a couple of options to try to restore the files. Neither method is difficult.

Step 1

Open up the "Drafts" folder of your Incredimail account to see whether your deleted email got saved in drafts. If you were writing an email that got accidentally deleted, you may find it there.

Step 2

Click the message in "Drafts" to open it. From there, you can resume writing the message and send it.

Step 3

Open the "Trash" folder of your Incredimail account if you are looking for an email you received that was deleted. Deleted emails go to the Trash for a period of time before they're removed from your computer. Scroll through Trash to find your lost email.

Step 4

Highlight the deleted message in Trash and navigate to the "Move to" button in your Incredimail account to restore the message to your Incredimail inbox.

Step 5

Purchase an email recovery program or download a free email recovery program (see Resources). Don't use a straight-up data-recovery program with email because this will not work, advises Tech-Pro.

Run the email recovery program following the manufacturer's instructions to retrieve your lost emails. Restore the emails to your computer with the program.


  • Act quickly once you realize you deleted Incredimail emails to recover them.


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