How to Record Website Video

by Joanne Cichetti

There are so many websites that offer streaming videos for viewing, but they do not give you the option to download and store these videos on your computer for later access. If you want them saved on your hard disk, you will have to record them using an application like WM Capture, Replay Video Capture or Cam Studio. WM Capture and Replay Video Capture are similar applications. You can download free trials from their websites. Cam Studio, on the other hand, is a free open source program.

Using WM Capture or Replay Video Capture

Go to the WM Capture or Replay Video Capture website (see Resources) and download the free demo from the link on the page. If you like the application, you can purchase it later after the demo expires.

Run the application after you have downloaded and installed it on your computer.

Open the website that contains the video that is to be recorded.

Click the "Get Window" button on the application's window.

Move the mouse pointer over the region that you want to record. You will see that the region highlights automatically. If you want, you can manually mark the region for the application to record.

Click the "Record" button once you have a rectangle marked for recording.

Click the "Play" button on the video window and let the video start playing. As it plays, the application will record it all.

Using Cam Studio

Download and install Cam Studio on your computer from its website (see Resources). Cam Studio is an open source program for recording streaming videos from websites.

Open the website containing the video to be recorded.

Specify the video's region that is to be recorded on Cam Studio's window.

Click the red "Record" button on Cam Studio's window. At the same time, play the video on the website. Cam Studio will capture the entire video, provided it keeps running on your computer.


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