How to Record From Voice to Microsoft Word Text

by Ra Ryuken
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Writing on the computer would be quicker if it could understand and record spoken words. Nuance Incorporated has created software under the brand name "Dragon" designed specifically for speech-to-text conversion. Speech recognition software allows spoken words to be written into a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word, and takes a quarter of the time compared to typing.

Step 1

Buy and install speech recognition software such as "Dragon Speech" for Windows or "Dragon Mac Speech Dictate" for Macs.

Step 2

Plug in the microphone through the mic port or a USB port depending on your connectivity needs.

Step 3

Complete the voice identity tutorials that will learn your voice's uniqueness. All voices are different. The tutorials teach the program to understand your voice correctly.

Step 4

Open Microsoft Word along with the speech recognition software.

Click on the blank Microsoft Word document. Turn the speech recognition software on and begin to speak. Anything that is spoken will be recorded onto the Word document.


  • The software will teach all the rules of the program, such as adding punctuation, deleting words and how to move to new lines on the page.
  • Do all the tutorials available so that the program fully learns your voice's uniqueness.


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